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It is going to affect your sensibilities and yes, you might have a different opinion, but Patek Philippe watches are the best in the world – take our word for it. Of course, there are other great watch manufacturers with pedigrees and craftsmanship to the boot, but Patek Philippe has lodged itself as the most prestigious watch brand.

Now in its 178th year and in the hands of a fourth generation Stern family member, the watchmaker boasts of being the last family-owned independent Genevan watchmaker, so no shareholders bothered about market economics, instead the company has been able to pursue its dreams and aspirations as it deems fit. Truth is, they have done a great job at doing that, as their watches never fail to surprise.

With a Patek Philippe, it is all about the movement and then you come across complications and supercomplications that keeps even the mundane watch observer keenly interested in the process.

Here lies something fascinating about Patek Philippe, but first let me ask you a question. How many times have you heard that a watch has beat its own record? In 1999, the Henry Graves "supercomplication," credited for being the most complicated watch on the planet sold for $11 million at a Sotheby's auction. This made the brand the most expensive watch ever, but move a few years into the future. In 2014, the same watch was auctioned and fetched a hefty sum of $24 million.

Now that is just brilliant!

You should know however, that owning a Patek Philippe is not just about pedigree and craftsmanship, which to a large extent play vital roles but also the history of the brand puts you among the finest nobles in the world who are known as avid patrons of the watchmaker.

Princess Zubów of Russia, bought a minute repeater detailing her family coat of arms, Queen Victoria of England bought Prince Albert a quarter-repeating chronometer with the keyless winding system. From Kings to Popes, the name Patek Philippe spread like wildfire up to the East, tempting King Rama V to visit Geneva and carry home 56 timepieces. Not just royals, but intellectuals, writers, musicians and scientists got their watches here too, including Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Einstein and even Marie Curie.

Patek Philippe enthusiats aren’t like other watch collectors. Being flashy isn’t being stylish and they don’t have to be. That’s because Patek Philippe’s understated elegance indicates pure confidence. Once you’ve owned a Patek Philippe, nothing else would do.

The scarcity, the DNA style of the craftsmanship, a tradition of history and of course (for some) the investment value, come together to introduce the world’s most prestigious watch brand – Patek Philippe.

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