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Every man should have a minimum of 3 watches.

Every man should have a minimum of 3 watches.

In this age and time some people will argue a watch is pointless, you agree? If you do, you need a glass of “sophistication wine” … try it, it works. Lol!

To be serious though, any gentleman understands that a watch does more than tell time, it is an expression of your sense of style, an extension of your personality and in many cases a sneak peek into your financial status. Moreover it is the most accepted piece of jewellery or accessory a man is permitted to wear.

For those who believe in wearing watches and some of us who are in love with watches, there are three basic types of watches you should have.

Your Everyday Watch
Depending on the nature of your job and your lifestyle, the look and functionality you pick will vary. It could be Leather, chain or rubber; could go from simple to complex; however it shouldn’t be too expensive (if you can afford to splurge, why not), it should be somewhat rugged and durable. If you are in the corporate environment you’d want to consider leather or chain, shouldn’t be bulky or too busy. For those in the corporate casual space, rubber straps are very welcome.  

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="361"]Timex Weekender Timex Weekender[/caption]

A Dress Watch
In the traditional sense this will refer to the ideal watch for your black tie or formal event. Typically you will go with simple classy and expensive. Leather straps are recommended, typically black, brown is suitable for less formal events and should match your shoe and belt. In the Nigerian or African context however we are known for “Owambe”, our ceremonies are elaborate and colourful. By all means your watch should match the tempo of the event, gold and two-tone chain watches go well with native attire.

[caption id="attachment_8017" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Lucien Piccard Lucien Piccard[/caption]

A Sports Watch
Nigerians may not like the gym but if your doctor hasn’t told you I will tell you for free exercise is good for you. As you burn of those calories you need a faithful companion. My personal favourite is the Timex Ironman, I like the full display screen and split timing function. For those who will not go to the gym even to save Nigeria, well remember you still have sporting events to attend. Look the part for the cameras, don’t worry we won’t judge you.

[caption id="attachment_8018" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Casio Casio[/caption]

There are several watch brands out there to help you meet these needs. As a player in the affordable luxury category, WatchLocker gives you Casio and Timex to meet your everyday and sports watch needs, Lucien Piccard and Invicta meet your everyday and dress watch needs. Two brands we look forward to bringing to you in the mid-range and luxury categories are Tissot and Tag Heuer.

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