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The Most Ideal Gift is a Watch

The Most Ideal Gift is a Watch

No, the title is not a cliché and as much as we are used to sharing a ton of gifts, some which just add to the clutter and others more appreciated, nothing speaks of a gift more than a watch.

Often times, when I ask people about their timepieces, the conversation is hardly about the product make but more about a story. Was it a milestone, an anniversary, a birthday, an accomplishment or pure serendipity?

People who truly master the art of giving give heartfelt gifts out of the goodness of their hearts, as we see in the story below.

It was rush hour for the season, everyone was in the malls buying gifts and decorations, the queues were super long. Twenty four-year-old Tinuke Adeleke and her father were stuck in quarter life crisis. What were they going to get for her brother Adebayo who had just graduated from the university? All efforts to know what he wanted were in vain – he’d either say something too incredulous or feign indifference. “Dad, why don’t we go online and look at other things, we might stumble on a fine idea”.

“Hmm, ok then” grunted her dad, as much as he wanted to get a befitting gift, he didn’t enjoy the hassle of walking down each and every aisle looking for the perfect gift and he was glad to leave the mall.

Huddled in front of the family computer at home, Tinuke and her dad were still at a loss. There were so many things to buy, yet nothing worth it. “Why don’t you get him a wrist watch?” Tinuke’s mother said over her shoulder while peering at the computer screen. She was midway preparing a special dish for the occasion and had allocated the gift idea to her husband and daughter. “He might be an “A”student, but he needs to schedule his time better” she added before disappearing into the kitchen.

Father and daughter put every thought and idea into selecting the watch from a trusted online watch store.

When Adebayo receives his gift in its oddly shaped wrapping, he is at a loss of what it could be. He shakes the package lightly, but nothing seems to move. “What could they have bought” he muses, but he diverts his attention to the feast his mother has laid on the dining table in celebration of his achievement.

At night, alone in his room, Adebayo rips the packaging with careless abandon and discovers the watch… with so much excitement and emotion, he straps the watch to his wrist and goes to bed with a smile on his face.

Ten years on the watch is still his favourite accessory and it makes him laugh whenever he remembers the story his dad told him about the struggles he encountered in picking the ideal present.

Adebayo is reminded of all the treasured memories he had with family. Inspired to achieve more, as he straps the watch to his wrist, he thinks out loudly “I want to always share the gift of time with all my loved ones.”

Watches are a special gift. The gift of time as some might call it, is timeless and if you look very closely at your most treasured of gifts, a watch is most likely in your top five – mine would be a vintage Seiko Quartz given to me by my father.

In the timeless presence of a watch, all other gifts eventually fade – not even a Bugatti Veyron.

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