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Why you shouldn’t get a watch

Why you shouldn’t get a watch

Why should you get a watch, I mean you have a smartphone and this device does everything plus telling the time – so yeah, I’m not getting a watch. The current generation have become a little more obsessed with touching their phones to find out the minutest of details.

Well, you are boring if that’s your take on why you shouldn’t get a watch - when a man starts to wear a watch it’s not about telling time but about his relationship with time.

Call it the culture of luxury, but beyond the obvious awesomeness of the watch – plus, they make you look cool – here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t wear a watch:

Stand Out

Who wants to stand out in our ever dynamic lives, where social etiquette takes up much of the conversation and it involves looking your Sunday best? You probably just want to be a part of the crowd, judged based on what people can see and regardless of how smart, tasteful and successful you are, you just might be part of the crowd. Why? Because, everyone is dressing like you!

The finishing touch on anyone who wants to be taken serious is beyond fancy clothes and big talk. It’s a wrist watch.

So get a nice watch. Something unique that speaks volume about who you are. Metal, leather or a little bit of both. You could go for something simple, crafted, techie or a mix. You are the wearer after all, so you decide.


Ever notice how much we use our hands in our everyday interactions? How about in a conversation – sweeping gestures, subtle movements, a shoulder pat and even the marriage proposal – our hands do a lot of talking as well but our lips.

Nobody likes a boring hand, maybe that’s why hand bands came into play but let’s face it, nothing provides more attention than a good looking wristwatch. A watch embodies technology and craftsmanship; you can’t deny the urge to always look at the seconds spin away sometimes.

It is a fascination.

Sure, be the guy or girl whose hands find their phones to tell the time. You want to be the person who looks at your watch with a smug expression of owning a watch and using your hands to tell a story, again and again and again.

The Story

You shouldn’t get a watch because you can show off or you can but when you get a watch, you are part of its story and it is also a story for you. The wristwatch nowadays puts you in an unspoken club of persons who aren’t just big on buying to show off but more of those who understand and appreciate the complications of a timepiece.

It’s also about simple pleasure and whether you like it or not, the model you wear says something about you. Indulging in the most exciting times you’ve kept up with your watch may seem vain but makes a most compelling story among colleagues, family and friends.

Convenience x Simplicity

It’s just a flip of the wrist and yes, you don’t like simple things. The best watches don’t use the latest technology. They are powered by ingenious mechanical clockwork technology that predates electricity. So when that smartphone with all its “dope” features runs out battery – you can trust the technology that keeps running on your wrist.

When you finish musing on why you shouldn’t wear a watch like this Timex T49905 Men’s Expedition Rugged Field Chronograph Watch that’s available at WatchLocker and fits like a second skin, you should remember that when you wear a watch, it’s less likely you will fall back on your phone as a distraction when telling the time.

When you need to keep track of something as important as time – you need a wristwatch.

The Grown-up identity

No, by all means remain the kid on the playground while the adults who wear watches make all the decisions in the boardroom and talk over you at lunch dates. Getting a wristwatch as a child was a milestone because it was a big deal - you had finally learned to tell time.

As an adult, the wristwatch is no longer a milestone but an induction into a world that speaks class and dignity.

Now when it comes to class we can all agree that the person who wears a watch has a little more style in comparison to the person who might not. That’s not saying that everyone who wears a watch is more stylish, but they look the part.

You shouldn’t be the guy who takes pride in their appearance and will take the time to use an accessory that is necessary.

Well there’s no better accessory than the watch and now you know why you SHOULD wear one.


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