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Why Buy Genuine Watches?

Why Buy Genuine Watches?

As much you would not like to admit it either because you’ve been a patron or a victim, at some point in your life, you’ve bought a “fake” watch. You figured as long as it tells the time or goes well with your wardrobe, why not – I mean, either it was a pretty good imitation, a favourite brand or the price was just too good to pass up. Well, there is something you should know when it comes to buying watches, when the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Now, sometimes one is really lucky with these fake watches as they do compliment your outfit and some even last long with extra care and attention, plus you believe that you’re not burning a hole through your pocket in terms of finances but it’s important you remember one key thing about watches – accuracy.

Genuine watches are made with such expert craftsmanship for the sole reason of accuracy. Why else are watches made to keep time?

Why buy a genuine watch, well simply because cheap watches are cheap for a reason. The mechanism that comes with a fake watch is of very poor quality, so you’re forced to keep resetting the time using other time sources around you, which is shabby.

In terms of personality, most people who buy fake watches really are people who would love to own say a Patek Philippe for the price of a crate of eggs. They know that it’s a fake but would love to pass off the piece as an original. However, if you are one to get a fake watch, it’s most likely you’re going to compliment it with other fake branded items – shame really.

Watch, fake watch, genuine watch

If you want to put it all in a statement, then, “fake watches are for fake people” is what comes to mind. And with a fake timepiece, there is a butterfly effect – you realise that you actually didn’t save money, as you keep spending to repair one part or the other; your reputation is affected is it slowly becomes obvious that you use a fake; and you lose your story – remember how watches put you in an unspoken club of persons who appreciate the art and of course provide a heirloom for younger generations, well, you lose all that with a fake.

Not so cheap after all, isn’t it.

Can you imagine buying a Mercedes Benz C-class and when you turn on the ignition you see a Toyota sign or when you step into your dealership, you’re told that your engine block is a TATA – my goodness! Now, that’s exactly why you should buy a genuine watch.

As a fake watch, there are no expectations that you would get good value for your money. For instance, in most cases, you can never trust any inscriptions on the watch, so, no water resistance – in fact the moment your fake timepiece touches water, the face mists up and the watch stops working for a bit. And just as it’s not water resistant, the dials do not function and are just for show. Of course, you cannot expect the material of the watch either metal or leather to last because their cheap quality makes them susceptible to wear and tear faster than an original and you’d find yourself at a roadside shop repairer buying a low-end replacement that lasts half as long as the materials that came with your watch in the first place.

For example purposes, let’s look at a few pictures of Rolexes with differences between the genuine and fake.

Watch, fake watch, genuine watch, fake rolexThe crown in an original Rolex is has a 3D look, with the ball points spherical


Watch, fake watch, genuine watch, fake rolexThe “Rolex” inscription on the inner rim of the watch is engraved on the original while on a fake it has a more printed on feel

Watch, fake watch, genuine watch, fake rolexSome series like the “Daytona” have other clue to look put for. On the dial of the fake, you see 20, 30, 40. Original Rolex do not use such chronograph and in addition, in most cases, the dials of fake timepieces do not function and are just for show.

Let’s look at this Casio.

watches, fake watch, genuine watch, fake casioG-Shock doesn’t identify their products as G-Sport. You have to be careful.

To sum it all up, no matter your reason, fake watches are truly a poor purchase, outside the fact that they are actually illegal, they turn out to offer a crappy experience. They are not an alternative to the real thing in all aspects from the quality of the materials, to function, down to accuracy.

Your best bet when it comes to purchasing a watch is to buy the best authentic piece that you can afford, as that provides for a better ownership experience regardless of what a fake might seem to offer.

Be authentic, go genuine.

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