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Where to Buy a Wrist Watch for Men in Nigeria

Where to Buy a Wrist Watch for Men in Nigeria


Men’s wristwatch and where to buy in Nigeria

You and I know that in this our 21st century, there are two places you will get anything – here on the internet and/or at a physical market place and to navigate around them successfully without being taken undue advantage of, both locations require at least some before-hand knowledge.

So when one of your pals finally decides to get a decent men’s wrist watch, you will know how to help. Surprisingly though, a lot of Nigerians are still clueless as to where and how to go about getting gender specific wrist watches.

In this article you will become aware of the most common places both “online” (the internet) and “offline” (physical markets) where you can actually get wrist watch for men in Nigeria.

The first thing to point out is that the sources referred to in this blog post are a mix of the “unofficial” / unauthorized sources and the “official” sources, furthermore it is important to note that most wrist watch stores in Nigeria deal in replicas and cheap watches. You will find dedicated content on buying genuine watches in a separate article.


  1. Lagos Traffic

I was tempted to type in “Lasgidi” up there, but… I have already – Lol.
Arguably this is the first largest market for watches in Lagos and in fact Nigeria. Everything and anything can be found on sale in Lagos traffic from the rush-hour “go-slow” streets inside Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki, to that of Eko Bridge, to the traffic hold-up of Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way, down to the long stretch of Ikorodu Road right up to our famous Third Mainland Bridge, your options will far outnumber your shopping needs. What brand name are you looking for, is it Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Hublot down to the tested and trusted Casio? The amazing traders of Lagos roads in traffic have it all!

The best part is the prices are unbeatably pocket-friendly especially if you took lessons from your mum, while haggling over pepper at Ketu market. The “catch” here though is that you can never expect quality to pull up next to you at a traffic light with a one thousand Naira price tag so be rest assured that whatever wrist watch you buy in Lagos traffic is not the original – you may get a replica (a copy) of well-known watch brand with that brand’s name plastered on it and this is a big “may”, otherwise, all you get are downright fakes. Yes, they will be good looking, clean wrist watches but very fake at the same time.

  1. Lagos Island Market

Lagos Island is like the headquarters for getting merchandise such as wrist watches for men and has been for a long time.

When it comes to getting wrist watches, the Lagos Island market always has it in full stock in all variants and prices whether you clock-in at Balogun market before navigating to Idumota market and even decide to clock-out at Tinubu Square, you will come across various timepieces in all its glory from the “original looking” replicas to the cheap knock-offs.

You will need an experienced eye to detect the kind of quality you want. However, if you are looking to just get yourself a really nice good-looking wrist watch for men at pocket friendly prices and do not care for original or authenticity, then you have hit pay dirt!

It is worthy to note that at this location and the other places mentioned in this blog post, you will access mostly replicas of popular wrist watch brands.

[caption id="attachment_12698" align="aligncenter" width="648"]Replica (copy) a Rolex “YatchMaster” Men’s wrist watch Replica (copy) a Rolex “YatchMaster” Men’s wrist watch[/caption]


  1. Computer Village

The popular Computer Village in Ikeja is always associated with the buying and selling of computer parts and accessories and rightly so.

But few Nigerians are aware that this place is also a small haven for popular wrist watch brands’ knockoffs (good-looking fakes – very good-looking). Added to this is the recent development and increased interest in smart watches and smartphone wrist devices which has enabled the small wrist watch market to stay afloat and relevant. The interesting thing is, at this market, you get to see the imitation of vintage classic technology and modern-day technology wrist watches from the likes of the Omega, Seiko to the new age tech savvy Casio and Sony smart watches on display at stores in this market.

  1. Opebi-Allen Ikeja & Tejuosho Market

Next physical location is a combination of 2 places that may seem surprising – yes, the popular Allen Avenue/Alade Market axis at Ikeja and the ever busy Tejuosho market.

But it is no surprise because these two locations have something unique in common... want to guess?

Well, it is those bureau de change (currency exchange) guys we popularly call “mallams” – those native-clad gentlemen on the roadsides that seem to perpetually stalk and ask you “change dollars, pounds, gold?”

So what has wrist watches for men got to do with these well-known bureau de change mallams? Well, it happens that due to the access they have to currencies and precious metals and stones (like gold and diamond), these bureau de change mallams are also able to deal and trade in jeweled wrist watches (regardless of gender). Again, this a market with way more fakes, a few good replicas (copy of an original) and total knockoffs than a near-close original brand wrist watch. In fact, a larger percentage of the merchandise sold here are often times nameless but very fancy looking.

Now, this is one market where caution is required before, during and after trade due to the monetary value of their stock: jeweled wrist watch.

It is also worthy of note that in this market, emphasis is placed on jeweled wrist watches (both for men and women) not particularly on the brand of the wrist watches themselves.

[caption id="attachment_12700" align="aligncenter" width="443"]An 18 karat Gold Men's Audemars Piguet watch An 18 karat Gold Men's Audemars Piguet watch[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_12701" align="aligncenter" width="498"]Currency Sales Exchange Currency Sales Exchange[/caption]


  1. Shopping Malls

Across the city of Lagos and its environs, there are several specific stores and shopping malls with stores that cater wrist watch for men both on the island and on the mainland. More of these malls you will find in major cities across Nigeria. You can be mostly certain of the authenticity of the wrist watches you find on display in the watches stores you find in the malls. Most consumers who shop at these locations are very concerned about quality, convenience and brand names, they are exposed and well educated and for that reason it is harder to pass up fakes as the real deal. However as with almost every other thing in life, there are black sheep who will try to sell some fakes as well, especially if the store location is not so upscale.

The other factor you have to consider when buying in mall shops is price, while the major dealers try to maintain recommended retail prices from the manufacturer, often time you would be paying a premium for that ambiance and the opportunity to look, touch and feel. That said we all know that quality comes at a price, so, you gotta go with the flow.

Some of these malls and their area of location in the city are mentioned here:

  1. Palms Shopping Mall – Lekki:

This place provides the ultimate shopping experience and has become the archetype of what is expected to be discovered in a shopping mall. Wrist watch stores available at this mall are the following Watch Galleries, May Brands, Polo, Swatch

  1. Ikeja City Mall:

A shopping experience here is assured to be splendid and will leave you wanting to come back, whether day or at night, there is always something interesting this mall has to offer. Wrist watch stores available at this mall are the following, Watch Galleries, Time Keepers, Storm, Swatch, and Maybrands.

  1. E-Centre, Sabo, Yaba:

Launched on Thursday, 13th of November, 2008, this place has officially become the shopping and cinema hangout spot for UNILAG and YABATECH students and the trendy youth based around the Sabo, Yaba/Shomolu axis of Lagos mainland. Shops that regularly stock wrist watch at this mall include the following, Gleemah, Always Occassions and Vintie Accessories.

  1. The Surulere Malls:

Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall and Leisure Mall are 2 well-known malls standing side-by-side along the ever-busy Adeniran Ogunsanya road which happens to be a commercial hub in Surulere, Lagos. A double destination for shopping, gaming, cinemas and entertainment in Surulere that was launched in 2010.

Wrist watch stores available at this 2-in-1 mall are Swatch, and some multibrand shops that regularly stock wristwatches.

  1. Novare Mall:

Popularly called “Lekki Mall”, Novare Mall is located just after Sangotedo area of Ajah. Adjudged as the biggest shopping mall in Lagos, Novare Mall was launched in August 2016 and houses 2 major flagship stores in Nigeria, “Shoprite” and “Game” in Sangotedo. Wrist watch stores available at this mall are the following, Time Keepers, Swatch and Maybrands.

  1. Mega Plaza:

Mega Plaza is one of the oldest malls in Lagos that holds memories for a lot Lagosians looking for quality products back in the 90s and 2000s when malls were hard to come by. Mostly known for electronics, home and office items, you'd also find a good array of personal items, toys and more. Wrist watch stores available at this mall are the following, Watch Galleries, Swatch.

  1. Apapa Mall:

Launched in August 2014, the Apapa Mall is suitable to different classes of shoppers ranging from local shops to top brands, with enough screens for movie lovers too. Wrist watch stores available at this mall are the following, US Polo and Time Keepers.

  1. Circle Mall:

Designed by one of Africa’s foremost retail architects, built by one of Nigeria’s best-known construction companies and launched in December 2015, Circle Mall located on the Lekki-Epe Expressway at the Jakande Roundabout is a prime retail shopping space complex with cool features like shaded walkways with umbrellas, a fast food strip and cool courtyards. Wrist watch stores available at this mall are the following, Maybrands and Time Keepers, while shops that regularly stock wrist watch include the following, Accessories2die4.


The Online Market

The internet space is so flooded with buyers and sellers that even a “Google search” query of this article’s topic may well leave you confused and unanswered.

That said, everyone is selling something online these days so just as in the physical world, a sort of guide will go a long way in navigating you online when shopping for where to buy wrist watch for men in Nigeria.

Here below for you are some web addresses of online watch stores:

WatchLocker is the one-stop online watch store for genuine affordable luxury watches from global brands. Making the very best of wrist watch for men available in Nigeria since 2011.

Maybrands offers great prices for online shopping of wrist watch for men in Nigeria. You will find an array of great wrist watches for men (and even women).;

In its bid to continue to make ready available to online shoppers of wrist watch for men, WatchLocker has a Konga outlet and a Jumia outlet online as well

Watch Galleries Limited has online shopping store of wrist watch for men that provides a shopper good value for money.

This online store is a literal beehive of wrist watch for men in Nigeria. They have it all in stock from Police to Guess, it is all there.

This is the only online retail store for Swatch wristwatches available for men (and women) in Nigeria.

The name of this online store makes a good attempt to explain itself – an online shopping haven for wristwatches for men in Nigeria. It is an extension of what is obtainable in Lagos island watch stores.

This fashion accessories online store hosts a decent stock of mass market replica wrist watch for men with even a good amount of smart watches as well.

The popular online retail shopping website Jumia happens to also be a good place to shop for wrist watch for men in Nigeria.

C’mon! Let’s be honest… can you mention Jumia without saying “Hi” to Konga? So in case somehow you don’t get the men’s wrist watch you are shopping for online, this popular online retail store is a good choice in Nigeria.

This fast growing free online classified adverts website is quite an interesting marketplace for hunting wrist watch for men in Nigeria. While you will not see any wrist watch brand itself selling their products there, you will definitely come across watch owners, watch lovers and retailers offering bargain-able prices for men wrist watches.

This online store prides itself as an online store for men in Nigeria and it has an interesting array of wrist watches for men.

Yudala recently emerged as a composite online and physical retail chain, boosting an online shopping platform with mega retail stores located in major cities across the country. Their array of wrist watch for men is worth a consideration.




It is worthy of note that you will mostly come across replicas of popular men’s wrist watch brands, but not to worry there are dedicated watch dealers that sell only genuine wrist watches, some of which have been mentioned above and when it comes to accessing only genuine wrist watch for men in Nigeria, we got you covered.


Thank you for your reading time. Please do kindly remember to share this blog post with friends; it could be helpful to them too. See you in the next post.


By: Habeeb A. Adebisi

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