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The Future of Chopard Watches

The Future of Chopard Watches

For about a century and a half, the name Chopard has been synonymous with high end, luxury, Swiss watches and jewelry. But, over the years, Chopard has evolved over time to become whole lot more than just a watchmaking company.

The original watch movement company, started by Louis Ulysse Chopard has diversified into production of different watches and jewelry collections which are ever changing and improving while still maintaining the timeless principles Chopard has been known for: ethics and aesthetics.

The future of Chopard watches cannot be discussed without reviewing their roles in modern day pop culture and the degree of influence they hold on modern arts and culture, most importantly the performing arts.

Chopard has been a partner in the Cannes film festival for close to two decades now, and has consistently offered astounding support and recognition to the most notable actors for years now. The recently held Cannes festival was just a picture of the level of success both brands have achieved due to their partnership over the past two decades.

Chopard not only recognizes the impact of its products on pop culture, it is actually engaging the services of superstars from the movie, music and sports industries and partnering with them to create signature pieces that incorporate the unique styles of certain stars.

A perfect example of this can be seen in the recently launched ‘’Rihanna loves Chopard’’ collection which combines the ageless beauty and elegance of Chopard pieces with the bold, futuristic fashion icon’s ideas.

The musical icon  had been extremely excited about having the opportunity to work in conjunction with the creators of the jewelry she adores so much. To be able to design alongside the Chopard family and bring to birth the iconic pieces that infuses her unique brand of fashion/music into Chopard jewelry, had always been a dream of hers, and she was able to turn it into a reality. So, we have the elegance of Chopard infused with the island themed vibrancy and festival atmosphere that Rihanna so easily portrays.

If this is any indicator of what the future holds, then there may be a whole new world of possibilities open to Chopard lovers and jewelry lovers as a whole who would be excited to try on pieces inspired or co-designed by their favorite fashion and music icons. This will of course open up the company clientele to a whole new generation of clients. So, it is safe to say we might be looking forward to many more collaborations in the future with more style icons.

Chopard has been involved in car racing events for some years now and it has been a beautiful partnership, because really, what could possibly define sleek, luxury and time consistent grace and speed better than a high precision, multiple dial, gemstone studded, metal finish wristwatch. But Chopard has taken this race course a step into the future by featuring women who dared to be different by becoming an icon in a male dominated field.

The beauties whose blogs on racing and watches have inspired millions modeled some signature Chopard pieces during a drive round the French country side. This daring infusion of elegant femininity into the testosterone sodden atmosphere of car racing could only have been achieved by the combined efforts of two elegant women.

Chopard watches have started on a path towards dominance in the fashion industry with their work with foremost perfume manufacturers in the fragrance world to help create a bouquet of exquisite and truly natural scents, made with the best of the best ingredients from various parts of the globe.

The brand new Chopard perfumes collection is designed to represent everything that the Chopard watches and jewelry embody; class, elegance and luxury, all enclosed in an exquisite bottle of fragrance.

This will be the perfect clinch to the world famous Chopard luxury collections, and an obvious step in the right direction for the future of the company.

Employing top class, award winning personnel from different parts of the world gives the assurance of getting only the very best, as always expected, from the Swiss company.

Chopard also has a two decade long history with the movie industry, most notably with the Cannes film festival collaboration. This is one collaboration that we definitely do not want to see the end of, except, of course, to improve on already existing arrangements. It is safe to say that the future holds a lot more soirees, such as the iconic space themed soiree graced by an exclusive retinue of industry icons, which held earlier in 2017.

The exclusive gentleman’s club hosted in conjunction with Anabel’s at the Chopard rooftop suite, was another lovely engagement opportunity for a very exclusive few, who enjoyed the ambience, elegance and composure of the event.

Events such as these, alongside the Trophe de Cannes will continue to encourage foremost talents in their pursuit for perfection in their craft. The future of the movie industry is indelibly tied with the future of Chopard watches, and only great things can come out of this breathtaking alliance.

Technological advancements and innovations occur on a daily basis and Chopard watches are at the fore of this technological advancements in watch movement design.

With the 300m water resistant enabled ocean inspired wristwatch collection with ocean blue themes and coral inspired pinks, the luxury of a beautiful watch can now be carried straight from the elegance of day to day use, to the depths of the ocean. The watch company is actively working to ensure that there are no limitations in either depths or height, to which you can take your elegance. The future will involve a lot more of these enchanting creations, and maybe a bit more daring with every new piece and every new collection.

With the increase in the culture of keeping fit, and the advent of smart watches, we won’t be surprised if the company sets out toward creating watches for this new generation of tech savvy customers. Chopard can create a new range of designs that will suit the needs of the consumers in this evolving world. Watches that will help people keep fit and track bodily changes amongst others.

The clean lines, absolute minimalism, and intrinsic geometrical designs of the Ice Cube collection can be appreciated by anyone, especially the austere fashion lovers who appreciate the bare minimum and the beauty in simplicity. The timeless pieces can cut across any time or generation and still remain as elegant as ever; this is the future. When a single piece of jewelry can take on any style revolution and still survive beautifully is worth the resources and time expounded in achieving it.

The recent collaboration between Gua Pei and Chopard is a back to basics approach in the sometimes overemphasized and overwhelming world of Haute Couture and bringing back the simplicity of form, elegance of fabric and intricacy of style that best defines the world of classic runway designs.

The production of amazingly elegant dresses can only be complimented by the best of elegant watches and jewelry to get the perfect look, as exemplified by the runway presence. This is another beauty of Chopard’s collaborative stance which would earmark revolutionary trends of the future.

Above all these, one of the most important principles at Chopard is that of ‘Ethics’. This has inspired the company to source for materials, gold and diamonds especially, for most of its luxury collections from decidedly conflict free regions. Chopard is working on a future where elegance and luxury do not have to be at the expense of the strife and pain of others. By out sourcing raw materials and gemstones from conflict free zones, the future of some child or family out there may be somewhat improved or changed totally.

On the journey to making excellent watches and jewelry, and excelling in every other new endeavor, corporate responsibility is never to be taken lightly.

This is why the Chopard company has been invested in the Journey to Sustainable Luxury drive, which is geared at getting the materials from traceable supply chains only, and eliminating as much as possible the prospect of conflict diamonds or gold mined from conflicting countries or regions, with poor mining conditions and wages being meted out on the miners. It is note worthy also that the Chopard jewelers are looking into alternative sources of gemstones, which are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and highly sustainable.

This drive has seen Chopard become one of the first companies to redesign its building in Switzerland in order to comply with the environmental standards of the Minergie, giving rise to improved energy efficiency, reduced water consumption and an overall greener, employee friendly environment. Chopard’s commitment to a greener and more responsible watch and jewelry producing industry, has the company straddling the seats on different organizations such as the Fair mining body and the Association for Responsible Mining (ARM). Through these organizations, Chopard is working on getting to a future of totally humane and environmentally responsible jewelry.

Chopard’s partnership involves those with some notable foundations such as the Jose Carreras Leukemia foundation, and the Happy Hearts foundation, both of which are doing impeccable work in improving bone marrow transplant research and helping to rebuild and home children affected by natural disasters.

Chopard-though privately and family held-through its right value system the right values has been able to provide some of the most positive results in corporate responsibility. The future of chopard watches lies not only in the ageless beauty of their timepieces, or the beautiful diamond-encrusted jewelry of their signature pieces. The true future of Chopard watches is in the sustainability and responsibility which is embodied in their activities and actions but these are surely going to be carried on in the tradition of elegant, luxurious technologically advanced timepieces.

It surely will still be a pacesetter in creating pieces that embodies the values and features that have given it so much prominence over the years.

It surely will remain a masterpiece.

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