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  • Black Gold – Nigerians Love Gold Watches

    There is a saying in urban lingo that goes “black don’t crack” and the same can be said for gold. One of the world’s most expensive natural minerals, gold serves a particularly interesting relationship with watchmaking. Just as a reference is always made to the Nubian beauty of Nigerians and Africans in general due to [...] More  →
  • Soft or Hard – Leather vs Metal chain strap

    Leather versus Metal chain for watches? That’s the question for many watch enthusiasts and the thing is a watch can either make or break your outfit. Imagine showing up for a black-tie event, your outfit is on point, until you turn to check the time to the gaze of everyone and you raise a calculator [...] More  →
  • Size Matters – The right watch for your wrist

    Not necessarily does the saying “go big or go home” or bigger translate to better, ring true and this can be said for watches. Imagine you’re in the corporate world and as opposed to those who use their phones to confirm the time in an ungainly manner, you actually use a watch – the gag [...] More  →
  • Why Buy Genuine Watches?

    As much you would not like to admit it either because you’ve been a patron or a victim, at some point in your life, you’ve bought a “fake” watch. You figured as long as it tells the time or goes well with your wardrobe, why not – I mean, either it was a pretty good [...] More  →
  • Baselworld 2017 Highlights

    Just as we’re still getting excited over the fact that Baselworld is 100 years old, WatchLocker joined other watch enthusiasts, buyers, collectors, designers and journalists alike to seek out the most interesting and exciting brands hitting the market for the next 12 months. Talking about the prestigious watch event which took place from March 23 [...] More  →
  • Baselworld and the watch industry: A journey in time

    You might not know this, which as a watch enthusiast would be strange, but Baselworld is the most prestigious event in the in the watch industry in the world and not because the city of Basel may be one of the richest cultural zones in Switzerland. The event which takes its name from the city [...] More  →
  • Is your watch an asset?

    It is easily one of our moved and loved of accessories – the watch. The watch is the ultimate timepiece and they come in different sizes, colours, styles and craftsmanship and like it or not, there is always the question especially concerning our pricier pieces “can my watch be an asset”? Before you start to [...] More  →
  • Why you shouldn’t get a watch

    Why should you get a watch, I mean you have a smartphone and this device does everything plus telling the time – so yeah, I’m not getting a watch. The current generation have become a little more obsessed with touching their phones to find out the minutest of details. Well, you are boring if that’s [...] More  →
  • The Most Ideal Gift is a Watch

    No, the title is not a cliché and as much as we are used to sharing a ton of gifts, some which just add to the clutter and others more appreciated, nothing speaks of a gift more than a watch. Often times, when I ask people about their timepieces, the conversation is hardly about the [...] More  →
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